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Wicked Women

With Wicked Women, Alejandra Guerrero takes us to an erotic image world constructed entirely from a female perspective. Guerrero was raised in Bogotá, Colombia, in a conservative society whose sexual repression only served to encourage her curiosity, and heighten a desire that would eventually be satisfied in the underground communities of the United States. There she found herself among like-minded people who expressed their sexuality and creativity instinctually. Through Guerrero’s lens, we glimpse strong, independent women exploring fashion, fetishism and role-play. They exude confidence and style, and delight in their transgressions. Occasionally, when Guerrero turns the lens upon herself, those depictions are confessional.

‘I like to depict powerful women, to capture the spirit of the dominatrix … and through my work I aim to explore the part of my personality that enjoys teasing and provocation.’ – Alejandra Guerrero

Violet Blue is one of the world’s leading writers and commentators on female sexuality, and maintains one of the most influential sex blogs on the Internet. Forbes named her one of The Web Celeb 25, and the London Times identified her as one of ‘40 bloggers who really count.’

Alejandra Guerrero
Violet Blue
Book design
Binocular Design
Cover artwork
Lorenzo Eroticolor

26 × 30cm
10 ¼ × 11 ¾ in
Approx. 90 colour and b&w photographs
£50.00 | $75.00

ISBN 978-1-911422-20-4