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Screen Time

Smartphones – almost everyone uses one, and most of us are addicted. In this book, photographer Dafydd Jones shows us just how pervasive our screen addiction has become. His standing as one of the world’s leading social photographers has given him unique access to an extraordinary range of social events – from exclusive parties, to the races, to fashion shows, film festivals and debutante balls. His keen eye, and an instinct for the absurd, has allowed him to capture the behaviour of people who are either unaware of, or indifferent to the camera. Screen Time explores a variety of social situations, from the mundane to the exalted, and features celebrities, actors, models – and even the occasional princess – all glued to their phones. 

‘Dafydd Jones focuses on one of the most dominant elements of the social life of our times – how the smartphone has taken over. A timely and sobering look at this phenomenon, it is done with his usual eloquence as a photographer.’ 
— Martin Parr

‘A little gem of a book chronicling that most gullible of all species, the human being’
— Craig Brown, Books of the Year 2019, Mail on Sunday

Dafydd Jones (b. 1956) was the social photographer for the Tatler and Vanity Fair, and his work has been featured in most of the broadsheet newspapers, including the Times, and the Sunday Telegraph. His work is held in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery and the Hyman Collection of British Photography, in London, the Martin Parr Foundation, in Bristol, the Opsis Foundation, in New York, and the Yale Museum of British Art, in New Haven.

Dafydd Jones
Dafydd Jones
Jean-Michel Dentand

16 × 21cm
6 ¼ × 8 ¼ in
100 colour photographs
£14.95 | $19.95

ISBN 978-1-911422-28-0