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Steve Diet Goedde’s photographs are concerned with fetishism, but they could reasonably be regarded as fashion photographs, for they are about clothes and the roles that dressing imposes on women, or allows them to play. Indeed Goedde has consistently rejected the visual stereotypes of ‘fetish’ photography. Instead he sets out to seduce and amuse, experimenting with humour, irony and elements of the surreal. Extempore brings together images that represent stolen moments, or glimpses behind the scenes, when the models are not necessarily aware of the camera. Most of Goedde’s models are drawn from his close circle of friends and in these photographs particularly one senses a shared trust and understanding.

Inspired by the work of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick, Steve Diet Goedde’s first instinct was to become a filmmaker. Only slowly did his attention turn to photography. His first book, The Beauty of Fetish (1998), brought him critical acclaim and a loyal following, both of which he has enjoyed ever since. 

Andi Campognone is the director of AC Projects, which promotes the arts and culture in Southern California. She is also the museum curator for the City of Lancaster, on the board of the Lancaster Museum and Public Art Foundation, and a member of ArtTable.

Deluxe Boxed Edition

We have a limited number of the deluxe boxed edition of Extempore, which can be purchased direct from CIRCA. Each book is accompanied by a print of the Kumi cover photograph, signed by Steve Diet Goedde.

£225 | $335 plus shipping

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Steve Diet Goedde
Andi Campognone
Rosa Nussbaum

30 × 26cm
11 ¾ × 10 ¼ in
Approx. 100 colour and b&w photographs

£39.95 | $60.00

ISBN 978-1-911422-18-1