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Zadok Ben-David – Human Nature

Zadok Ben-David’s inspiration as an artist derives from nature, science, magic and illusion. From Evolution and Theory (1999), where he explores scientific discoveries, to the psychological installation Blackfield (2006-09), with thousands of flowers, and the magical The Other Side of Midnight (2013), which incorporates thousands of insects, one of the characteristics of Ben-David’s work is the use of multiplicity as an organising principle. He creates an alternate amplified viewing space where the relationship between viewer (human) and artwork (nature) is both sacred and destabilizing. The new ongoing work, People I Saw But Never Met, features thousands of miniatures of people whom he has photographed and drawn during his travels, suggesting ways in which we are both isolated yet always close together. Along with outdoor works, completed over a twenty-year period, this new book documents these four installations in all their magical detail.

Felicity Fenner is Director of UNSW Galleries, Sydney, Australia. She has curated over thirty exhibitions of Australian and international art and is a founding member of the City of Sydney’s Public Art Advisory Panel. Her most recent book, Running the City, was published in 2017.

Yael Guilat is Head of the Program of Multidisciplinary Studies in the Humanities and the Arts, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel. She has a PhD from Tel Aviv University.

John McDonald is art critic for the Sydney Morning Herald. He was Head of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia from 1999-2000, and from 2002-04 was director of Newcontemporaries, a non-commercial gallery in Sydney.

Fumio Nanjo is Director of the Mori Art Museum, Japan. He was a jury member of the Golden Lion Prize, Venice Biennale (2005), and has been the Commissioner or Artistic Director for several international Biennale and Triennale including Taipei, Yokohama, Singapore, Kenpoku and Honolulu.

Felicity Fenner, Yael Guilat, John McDonald and Fumio Nanjo
Richard Cork
Herman Lelie

32 x 29cm
12 ¾ × 11 ½ in
Approx. 250 b&w and colour illustrations
£45.00 | $60.00

ISBN 978-1-911422-09-9