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Itamar Gilboa – Food Chain Project

For Food Chain Project, the Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa took his own consumption as a starting point, keeping a diary of everything he ate and drank for the duration of a year. Thinking about his personal consumption habits, Gilboa began to research the social implications of individual consumption choices on global food issues. By presenting the 8,000 products he consumed in twelve months, he aimed to raise awareness and generate a wider discussion about global food issues. The installation is thought provoking and uses an inventive approach to highlight First World overconsumption, while hundreds of millions of people still suffer from hunger every day. This book documents the creation of Food Chain Project, now in the permanent collection of the Lisser Art Museum (LAM Lisse), The Netherlands.

Nina Siegal has been a regular freelance contributor to the New York Times since 2012. Based in Amsterdam, she covers museums, exhibitions, art restoration and attribution issues, art world discoveries, profiles of cultural figures, and culture in a socio-political context. She has written two novels: The Anatomy Lesson (2014) and A Little Trouble With the Facts (2008). 

Herman Lelie

29 x 25cm
11 ½ × 10 in
Approx. 180 b&w and colour illustrations
£35.00 | $50.00

ISBN 978-1-911422-11-2