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Beezy Bailey

‘He makes African jazz in paint, garish as the midday sun, dark as the deepest night.’ – Brian Eno

Beezy Bailey aspires to create art as a balm for a mad world – a corrective for our most lamentable human qualities, including a planet brutalized by extremes of wealth and poverty, environmental ignorance and negligence. The sources of his imagery are elusive. In his own words: ‘frozen dreams, images and legends enter from my subconscious, the realm of my imagination. I act as a conduit for visual messages greater than I am.’ This new monograph embraces the entire spectrum of Bailey’s creative output over the past thirty-five years, from sculpture and ceramics to paintings, prints and drawings. 

Richard Cork is an art critic, historian, broadcaster and exhibition curator, based in London. He has served as the art critic of the Evening Standard and The Times, and been Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge University, and Henry Moore Senior Fellow at the Courtauld Institute. 

Roslyn Sulcas is a culture writer and dance critic for the New York Times, currently based in London. She began her writing career in Paris, covering dance for a number of British and American journals, before relocating to New York and joining the Times. She is a keen collector of South African art.

Richard Cork and Roslyn Sulcas
Brian Eno
Herman Lelie

29 × 29cm
11½ × 11½ in
Approx. 140 colour images
£45.00 | $60.00

ISBN 978-1-911422-12-9