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International Space Station

Architecture Beyond Earth

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan gave NASA the go-ahead to build a Space Station. A generation later, the International Space Station is an established and highly successful research centre in Earth orbit. The history of this extraordinary project is a complex weave of powerful threads – political, diplomatic, financial and technological among them – but none is more fascinating than the story of its design. This book provides the first comprehensive account of the International Space Station’s conception, development and assembly in space. As a highly accessible chronicle of a complex piece of design and engineering, it will appeal to readers far beyond the space field.

NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott, a veteran of International Space Station Expeditions 20 and 21 and Shuttle Missions STS-128, STS-129 and STS-133, introduces the book with a personal memoir – ‘A Home in Space’.

David Nixon is an architect with a particular interest in designing for space exploration. In 1978 he co-founded Future Systems with Jan Kaplicky and was among a handful of architects invited to work on the design of the International Space Station. He later established an office in Los Angeles to focus on work across the space field. In 2000 he formed Astrocourier to develop miniature spaceflight experiments for schools. This book is the result of seven years’ research.

‘If you are a space fan, fascinated by the kind of venture the International Space Station represents, this book is an absolute must, full of juicy details and intriguing insights.’
— Popular Science, March 2016

‘This book should be essential reading for a wide audience – anyone who wants an insight into the field of human spaceflight in general, and the International Space Station in particular.’
— Madhu Thangavelu, Sky at Night, June 2016

‘Arguably the best book available for a serious and deeply detailed analysis of the origin, evolution, development and fabrication of the largest international space endeavor yet mounted.’
— David Baker, Spaceflight, June 2016

‘As a history of the planning, design, assembly and functioning of the Space Station, this book is unlikely to be surpassed.’
— Andrew Crumey, Literary Review, June 2016

Jean-Michel Dentand

23.5 × 23.5cm
9 × 9 in
215 colour and 95 b&w illustrations

£65.00 | $75.00

ISBN 978-0-9930721-3-0